“The development of the creative capacity for any circumstance in life is based on the possibility of reencountering everything that is different, original and personal, without inhibitions and far from exhibition. Free from models, comparisons and judgements, fear disappears, limits are broken and we evolve beyond what we imagine we are capable of”. Arno Stern

In my studio “Taller Ohlalart” I give different artistic workshops mainly for people over 15 years old and in very small groups.
There are two modalities: the Artistic Experimentation Workshop, which is held every six months and annually, and the Monographic Workshops, which consist of four sessions.
Both workshops are always based on the experimentation of the participants, so that step by step each person finds their artistic language, their way of expressing themselves through the techniques, materials and proposals that I show them in the sessions, providing them with a space and accompaniment so that they can freely experiment, enjoy, learn different techniques and above all express what they have inside them and that we often don’t find how to channel.
At the Ohlalart Workshop we understand the creative process as a living and constantly evolving process, which needs to be accompanied without judgement or pressure, without comparison, so that each person can uninhibit themselves, to overcome the blocks that we have been developing over the years (especially the resistance of external judgements and rigid ideas about art) and to explore our creativity in a full and free way, and above all to enjoy this process.
What we propose, in short, is the experience of the pleasure of creating and expressing everything we carry inside us, our own artistic language, which we will gradually learn to recognise and give form to through the dynamics and techniques that will be offered in the workshop

I also give private drawing and painting classes, in which the philosophy is the same: to accompany the participant from the respect and active experience in their creative process and the acquisition of drawing and painting techniques, always respecting the rhythms and needs of each participant.

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