Aniola Guilera

I am a plastic artist, I studied Illustration and Painting at the Llotja and Eina schools in Barcelona.

I am passionate about fine arts, since I was a child I have loved to express myself through drawing and painting. I love when I illustrate a text and the words become images.

Drawing and painting nourishes me, it helps me to channel everything that happens inside me, to reinterpret the world around me, reproducing it or imagining new possibilities. I fully enjoy working whith my hands, creating and experimenting, that’s why I always work with manual techniques, especially oil, acrylic and collage.

Currently I work in my studio, in Barcelona, as a freelance ilustrator, and I give whorkshops on artistic experimentation, painting techniques, collage and printmaking. I have participated in several exhibitions, both collective and individual, as well as in several murals

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